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Business Enhancement Tips

-10 Free Things You Can do Now
to Improve your Business

-A New Era in Decision Making
– The Petabyte Age

-Building A Business Plan

-Using Facebook to Improve Business

-Simply Kansas Program
– For Kansas Made Products

-Times are Changing for Businesses

-Tips and Technique to Improve Interacting with People

Business Enhancement strengthens a community's existing economic assets while expanding and diversifying its economic base. The Main Street program helps sharpen the competitiveness of existing business owners and recruits compatible new businesses and new economic uses to build a commercial district that responds to today's consumers' needs. Converting unused or underused commercial space into economically productive property also helps boost the profitability of the district

-Business Succesion Planning

-Remodeling Your Business can Make YOU Money

-5 Basic Perparations to Market your Expertise

-Dealing with Diffficult People 

-Donation Frustration-How to deal with never ending "asks".

-Preservation and Revitalization ARE Improving the Economy

-8 Ways of Encouraging Fun at Work

-Qualify for Grants to Update Awning or Signs

-Get in Gear for the End of the Year

-Identifying Additonal Resources for You

-Community Involvement to Develop New Businesses

-Conducting a Successful Meeting to Benefit A Business

-Importence of Business Enhancement

-Utilizing Social Networking For Business

-Measuring Your Businesses Market

-Making a Business More Accessible to Customers

-Tips for Saving Energy in Your Business

-Selling a Business-Important steps for successful outcomes.

-Surveying Emporia State University- What do students want?

-Themes Learned By Community Surveys

-Seven Business Investments Tips

-The Case of the Historic Disrict Part 1

-The Case of the Historic District Part 2

-Development for Business and Living Space

-Secret Fomulas of Profitable Developers and

Business Investors

Emporia High School Targeted Market Survey

Emporia State University Targeted Market Survey

Russ Bonitatibusa href="file:///Volumes/OutPost/IMB%20Jobs%202010%20back%20Up/Mainstreet%202010/web-content/images/business%20enhancement–Themes%20Learned%20By%20Community%20Surveys.pdf"

- For Kansas Made Products