1. Year Emporia was founded: 1857
  2. Name the Emporia business that made some of the manholes that are still found on Mechanic, Union and Exchange. The Emporia Foundry
  3. Name the 4 colleges that were open simultaneously in Emporia. The Emporia College, College of Emporia, ESU (Normal) Music College
  4. List the 4 presidents that have visited the William Allen White home. Taft, Hoover, Teddy Roosevelt and Coolidge.
  5. Name 2 opera houses that were in Emporia. J Opera, Whitley
  6. What water feature used to be in Freemont park. Fountain
  7. What school closed in 1914? Garfield
  8. What two railroads had depots in Emporia. Sante Fe, KATY
  9. Jane Hammer in 1975 became what? First female mayor
  10. In 1940 what building was built through a WPA project? Civic Auditorium
  11. In the flu epidemic of 1918, what two places were used for secondary hospitals? Country Club and Masonic Temple
  12. Matthew Brown originally owned which park in Emporia? Peter Pan Park
  13. Who was the first newspaper editor in Emporia. Preston Plumb
  14. What year did Newman Hospital open. 1922
  15. What war is memorialized/ recognized at  Maplewood Memorial Lawn cemetery. Civil War
  16. Where did farmers camp while waiting for their wheat to be ground into flour? Sodens Grove
  17. Name the 2 mills Mr. Soden was involved with. Patty’s Mill and Soden’s Mill
  18. What sport took place just east of Soden’s Grove (where the Zoo office is now) Horse Racing
  19. What was the original site of St. Mary’s hospital. Sacred Heart (parking lot)
  20. In 1873 the county purchased 80 acres just south of town to start what? The Poor House
  21. What year was Lowther South built. 1925
  22. What year did the Sante Fe depot burn down. 1999
  23. The Mack brewery was located where. ESU
  24. Which organized religion held the first meetings in Emporia. Quakers
  25. A natatorium (a swimming pool for men) is still located under what building? Professional printing.
  26. Archie Leach preformed where in Emporia? Broadview Hotel
  1. As of 12/31/12 how many species of animals make the Emporia Zoo home? 373