How Well do you
Actually Know Emporia?
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A little E-Town Trivia for your Tuesday…

Town Crier Bookstore celebrated National Historic Preservation Month in May by putting together a few trivia questions with the help of Brenda Lavington at the Lyon County Research Center. How many can you answer? Answers are at the bottom.


1. Emporia was founded in what year?


2. Name the four Presidents who visited the William Allen White house.

 Emporia Ice and Storage

3. What water feature used to be located in Freemont Park?


4. During the flu epidemic in 1918, what two sites were used as secondary hospitals?


5. What year did Newman Hospital open?

 Downtown Emporia Cable Car

6. Where was the Mack brewery located?


7. Who was the first newspaper editor in Emporia?


8. Which school closed in 1914?

 C of E Campus

9. The Sante Fe depot burned down in what year?


10. Where was the original St. Mary's Hospital located?


For more historic pictures of Emporia, please click HERE: 


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Answers to the trivia contest:
1. 1857
2. Taft, Hoover, Teddy Roosevelt and Coolidge
3. There used to be a fountain in Freemont park.
4. Country Club and the second floor of the Masonic Temple
5. 1922
6. ESU Campus on the Northeast Side
7. Preston Plumb
8. Garfield school
9. 1999
10. The parking lot at Sacred Heart church. Some of the original hospital walls are the current walls of Thompson auto at 406 Mechanic.